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Dermatology online is here to provide you with a reliable skin (dermatology) expert online, so that you have access to great skincare from the comfort of anywhere.

How Does it Work?

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Why use an online dermatologist?

Join the many patients receiving excellent skincare from an online dermatologist from the comfort of their homes.



No more needing to travel or leave your office to get the help you need.

Safe & Effective

Safe & Effective

Many dermatology (skin) conditions can be treated safely and effectively online. Hence the rise in popularity of “tele-dermatology” services.



We treat your data securely in line with the most stringent of data protection guidelines.



Your doctor will be able to prescribe you the skin medication you need and send it across to your nearby pharmacy.



Any skin expert you book with on our platform will have access to your notes, such that even if your online dermatologist is away on vacation, another doctor can help with any followup care you need.

How much will it cost?

Initial consultation
Followup consultation

Full package:

We will not take shortcuts. If you need a blood test doing or any other tests, we have great partnerships with laboratories that can do the necessary tests for you quickly and at discounted rates. In the you need any procedures to be performed or hospital level care on your skin, your doctor can organise a referral for you to one of our partner clinics or one that suits you.

    What Does This Price Include?

    • Your dermatology doctor carefully reviewing your health questionnaire, pictures you have shared and if you have any letters from previous doctors you may have seen with regards to your skin.
    • Meeting your doctor for a video consultation online.
    • Writing a prescription that can be dispensed by your local pharmacy.
    • When there are stock issues with a particular medication, then your doctor will write an alternative prescription at no extra cost.
    • A complimentary letter or referral e.g. referral for further tests or GP letter.
    • In the unlikely event of a reaction to medication prescribed by your doctor, they will be able to advise and formulate a new plan for you.

    Any questions?

    Do I need a referral to see one of your doctors?

    The answer is no. We provide direct access via our website. If you give us permission we would also be happy to update your GP on treatment.

    Will I get a prescription?

    Yes, we will usually be able to send your local pharmacy a prescription of the medication you need, so you can go and purchase it from them.

    Who are the doctors?

    All of our doctors are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), the organisation that is responsible for overseeing medical practitioners in the UK. Many of them have over a decade of experience in the field of dermatology and are involved in both research and training other doctors. Our doctors include dermatology consultants from prestigious London teaching hospitals.

    How will you diagnosis my skin condition?

    Our doctors will use a combination of both listening to your story, looking at any pictures you have sent across and seeing your skin during the video consultation. This is usually sufficient to make a diagnosis.

    Very occasionally, you will need a more in depth skin examination. This might involve using a dermatoscope (lens) device or in more advanced cases a minor procedure like a biopsy or skin scrapping. On these occasions, we can arrange a referral to one of our partner clinics or a clinic of your choice. If you choose one of our partner clinics, their consultation fee will be deducted from your costs.

    What will happen in an online video consultation?

    Your doctor will be able to see you on video and discuss your symptoms with you and understand how your skin condition is impacting you. If you have already filled out the health questionnaire and sent any pictures across, then your doctor can also give you feedback on this. They will then come up with a plan with you.

    What if I need to see a doctor in person?

    Occasionally, some patients will need to see a doctor in person. This is usually for a procedure like a skin biopsy. On these occasions, we will prepare a referral letter for you to see a local skin specialist doctor. If you’re able to attend one of our partner dermatology clinics then you will be entitled to an additional discount as being a patient of dermatology online.

    How do I book an appointment?

    Simply book online using our website or alternatively speak to one of our friendly advisors on….. You will be able to pay securely for your appointment electronically and after that you will be ready to go.