How It Works

We will provide you with a convenient and full online dermatology video consultation with a reliable and reputable skin specialist doctor, from the comfort of anywhere. Your doctor will be able to advise you and, where appropriate, prescribe treatments for your skin online.

Step 1: Book your appointment

Choose and book a timeslot online that’s convenient for you by clicking on the button below. Alternatively, call…. and speak to one of our friendly advisor to arrange a booking.

Woman filling out Dermatology Online questionnaire

Step 2: Tell us your issues (optional)

  • We will send you an online skin healthcare questionnaire via email to fill out for your dermatoloy doctor prior to your appointment (if you have the time).
  • Although it's not compulsary, we strongly recommend you fill out your skin questionnaire prior to your appointment to ensure you get the maximum out of your appointment.
  • The questionnaire gives you the opportunity to share some good quality photos of your skin and all the past history of your problem to ensure your doctor has the full picture even before you meet them.

Step 3: See your doctor online

When it comes close to the time of your appointment you will simply just click on a link we will provide you via email. You do not need to download an app or any platforms like skype.

Speak to your friendly GMC registered dermatology doctor via video (or only audio if you prefer) from either your smartphone, tablet device, computer or laptop. Your doctor will then listen to you, examine and advise you on the best treatment or approach for your skin. Where appropriate, you will be provided with a prescription, which can be used in any UK pharmacy.

See Your Doctor Online
Follow Up Care Dermatology Online

Step 4: Future care (if needed)

If you need a followup consultation in the future we will provide this for you at the discounted followup price. You will be able to request seeing the same doctor again or one of their other dermatology colleagues at dermatology online. All doctors treating you will have secure access to your notes to continue caring for you in a safe and coordinated manner.