Acne treatment is one of our key specialist areas, with our doctors treating thousands of satisfied patients to date. If you feel like you’ve tried everything, but still don’t have the skin you want, book with one of our dermatology specialists today.

Here at Dermatology Online we know that no two patients with acne are the same, as everyone’s skin is unique.

Acne on Cheek

What causes Acne?


Your acne is driven by a few crucial factors. We tailor evidence-based treatment options to target these factors. 

  • PExcess oil production.
  • PHormones called androgens can exacerbate acne.
  • PBacteria - causing inflammation to your skin.
  • PBlocked hair follicles

How can we help?


It’s important to us that your acne is treated comprehensively and that you maintain the best possible skin for the longterm. Our Dermatology Online model divides your acne into “active” and “maintenance” treatment phases.

The active phase is when your acne is still flaring up and angry. This tends to require either prescribed creams or tablets or a combination of both. While actively treating your acne with medication or creams, we will also educate you on what to do to help “maintain” excellent skin for life. The maintenance phase involves keeping your acne from recurring so that all the hard work of committing to treatment in the “active phase” is not undone.

We are proud to guarantee that each specialist doctor you meet is fully UK registered and has years of experience in the field of acne treatment. We’ll explain which common acne myths have been debunked, what actually does work, and how to get (and keep!) the skin you really want with Dermatology Online.

Do we treat acne scars?


Dermatology Online offers video consultations. Treating your acne effectively will help minimise the impact or appearance of scars and this can be done online. However, if you have some old scars once the acne has been treated, we can give you advice and recommendations on available treatments in walk-in clinics.