What is a rash?

Many of our patients do not know what skin condition they’re suffering from and hence using the term “rash” is a sensible place to start. A rash is simply a term used to describe a change in your skin. There are, of course, many causes for why you would get a rash, which an experienced doctor can help you diagnose at Dermatology Online.

Rash on woman's back

The symptoms you might be experiencing:

  • PYour skin may be itchy or not itchy.
  • PThe colour of this skin patch may have changed.
  • PThe skin may also feel different in the area of a rash.

How can we help?


Our doctors will carefully review the information you send across, including any pictures of the rash prior to your consultation starting. They will then meet you at the video consultation to find out more about your rash and ask you questions. They will aim to narrow down the causes of your rash where possible and give you a diagnosis or possible options. They will then discuss a sensible treatment plan for you and write a prescription where appropriate. A prescription will allow you to get the medication you may need from your local pharmacy.